One of the facts that make Fall my favorite season of the year , and specially October, is that there is a change in the weather and also that Halloween is on the last day of that month.
I know I may sound a bit childish but it makes total sense in my head: as a horror film and fantasy lover, October is the month when most of this kind of movies come out. For exemple: Stranger Things season 2! I think that already counts as a solid reason to love October.
Talking in other terms, I also like how it starts getting a bit colder, colors change from green to yellow and brown, and I can feel the athmosphere getting gloomier as we approach October 31th. I love how that is perfectly reflected in fashion. Clothing starts to change in the stores shelves: darker colors, cozier fabrics, boots and hats, long warm dresses and tartan prints. 
For me, the world becomes a better place when I start seeing all of those pieces in the "new season" section, and here is a selection of a few favorites of mine this year:

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All photos edited by me and taken by a friend.

Who said Summer was over? 
I recently partnered with Zaful to show you Summer vibes are still alive, and here are some of the pieces I used for the photoshoot.

You just have to read this post to realize I have a strong love for floral prints and patterns. I basically love nature, and that is a big influence in so many aspects of my life. This dress is perfect for Summer days, but also for transition days when Fall is slowly approaching because, I mean, look at those beautiful fall-ish colors.

Not too cold but not too hot. The material of this shirt is pretty good, so you don't freeze if it's a bit cold in the morning. What I like the most is the color, and to be honest, I like it because it totally matches with the shooting location. I think it gives some 60s vibes.

I just realized this piece is a combination of the two last ones. It is a floral dress but it also keeps that off-the-shoulder cut. It is obviously so much better for Summer, but I wore it on a hotter Fall day and did the job. It is a bit too long for me since I'm really short, but that's easily fixable with a pair of high heels, and it's so beautiful!

I'd like to end this post with a little recomendation: go check out Zaful's webpage if you like these items, they have lots of cool stuff, promise!

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